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MRA Group Celebrates 25th Anniversary

MRA Group Celebrates 25th Anniversary

MRA Group, a leading provider of real estate advisory, development and management services, is honored to announce that 2016 marks a quarter century in business, marking the occasion by unveiling a commemorative logo and scheduling several charitable events. From its initial formation, MRA Group’s service-centric business model has been embraced by leading healthcare systems, universities, and technology firms, and has allowed MRA to become an integral part of its clients’ real estate ventures, developing and managing millions of square feet of projects on their behalf.

Lawrence J. Stuardi, founder and President, formed Medical Realty Advisors in 1991, after spending more than a decade providing commercial/investment real estate services, and then later as a real estate developer for a major national development company. While working with a growing hospital, Larry realized there was a substantial need for services specifically tailored for healthcare providers. In the ensuing years, the company’s client base boasted many of the region’s premier healthcare systems and providers as well as expanding its portfolio to include numerous technology campuses and academic institutions.

Today, an expanded MRA Group develops and manages over four million square feet of real estate for its clients, transforming one entrepreneur’s vision into the recognized industry leader. “The real estate market is a constantly changing organism and has shifted drastically over the past quarter century,” said Larry Stuardi. “We have consistently evolved to address our clients’ ever-changing needs, while remaining true to our core values.”

“Though there are many factors which have contributed to our success, underlying them all is an unwavering commitment to exceed our clients’ expectations,” said Mike Wojewodka, Senior Vice President and Partner. “It is an element that positively affects both our clients and our company, and has carried us through several challenging economic times.”

To commemorate the company’s 25th anniversary, MRA will host regional events to promote the numerous charitable organizations it supports. Stay in touch with MRA’s latest news and developments at


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